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Summer In the Countryside

Image of Summer In the Countryside

It is a typical Swedish summer day. All you need is a pair of rainboots, an umbrella, a cup of hot chocolate and... a good company of course!

Prints available in A4 and A5. 
*"Cat series"
As a cat lover, I created a series of comic-book style drawings, where cats, just like us humans, have their daily routines and activities: they drink their morning coffee, listen to jazz music, they read books and magazines, ride bicycles, travel by train, enjoy fishing in the archipelago, and some of them are even engaged in scientific research! Just like us, humans, they are longing for harmony and happiness.
Printed on Canson® Infinity Edition Etching Rag 310gsm.*
*Canson® Infinity Edition Etching Rag — 100% cotton Fine Art paper with a smooth texture, reminiscent of the original genuine etching and printmaking papers. This museum-grade paper has the purest white tone available on the market, without any Optical Brightening Agents, also called OBAs. Canson® Edition Etching Rag is designed to meet galleries and museum longevity requirements and offers a high paper shade stability and a resistance to aging by using natural minerals.