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About Me

My name is Darya. I am an artist from Sweden, working in different media, such as watercolors, colored pencils, graphite and fineliners.

As a child, I was fascinated by my father’s collection of seashells and minerals from all over the world. Exploring natural curiosities was intriguing and exciting, and I remember dreaming of travelling the world and getting to see amazing things. When I grew up, I fulfilled my dream and visited many beautiful places on the planet, where I got to see various natural wonders and meet interesting people!

I lived in China for a while, where I studied Chinese calligraphy. There my love for details flourished. I enjoyed creating precision lines and forms, learning how to channel my emotional and physical energy into my artwork.

Today I live in Sweden, with a forest and Lake Mälaren nearby, which is a constant source of inspiration! Seeing beauty in natural perfections and imperfections and depicting it is now my biggest passion.

With my art I want to convey this idea: we should take time to celebrate nature! Take a walk in the forest, along the beach, find beauty in the small-scale, in the ordinary! There are so many wonders around us which we tend to overlook but which can be appreciated!